RingPlus New Plan Witch Hazel (or Hazel-Witch)Oct 29 – 31 2016

As announced in an e-mail I received a little bit ago, RingPlus has added another new time-limited plan; it’s called Witch Hazel in some parts of the e-mail and Hazel-Witch in other parts. It shows up as Free Witch Hazel in my Upgrade pane. You can learn more about it at https://social.ringplus.net/discussion/8787.

This appears to be a non-Mad version of Free Mad Promo 6 which I mentioned several hours ago in this blog post: https://upsdownsfamilyhistory.wordpress.com/2016/10/28/ringplus-free-mad-promo-6-oct-28-31-2016/. The main difference being it is not a Mad plan with another difference being you don’t get the free port-in available with Free Mad 6 Promo. However, they are offering a $25 Top-up credit for users porting in from other companies which will more than offset the Port-in cost.

You still have four (4) options: Free (there is an Activation fee of $15 and possible $20 Top-up fee if you have a zero balance) with 1,450 units (1,450 Talk, SMS Text, MMS Text, and 1,450 MB LTE Data), 2,000 units at $4.99 + taxes and fees/month, 3,000 units at $14.99 + taxes and fees/month, and 5,000 units at $24.99 + taxes and fees/month. It looks like they copy/pasted much of the information from the Free Mad 6 Promo so you should ignore references to Mad since it is not a Mad plan. If you go with the Free plan, you will need to make at least one (1) outgoing call every 60 days and I suggest 30 seconds or longer in duration. Like the Free Mad Promo 6, you should be able to switch between the different options as needed with an expectation you may have to wait for a new billing cycle for the change to occur.

The point about Tethering is worth mentioning. If you use more than 40% of your data tethered, you will get hit with Overages even if you don’t exceed your monthly Data allowance otherwise.

This plan should allow iPhone usage without having to install the VOIP dialer they are working on.


Free Witch Hazel Plan

One-time activation fee of $15 (Billed directly to your credit card)
$20 initial Top Up balance occurs only if you have less than zero balance to cover overages.*
1,450 Talk -1,450 Text -1,450 MMS – 1,450 MB LTE Full Speed and & unlimited LTE at 2g data speed.
Tethering included
Free Hazel-Witch – Upgrade to 2GB
2,000 Talk 2,000 Text 2,000 SMS & 2Gb LTE Full Speed unlimited LTE at 2g data speed
Tethering included
$4.99/ Month*
Free Hazel-Witch – Upgrade to 3GB
3,000 Talk 3,000 Text 3,000 SMS & 3Gb LTE Full and unlimited LTE at 2g data speed
Tethering included
Free Hazel-Witch – Upgrade 5GB
5,000 Talk 5,000 Text 5,000 SMS 5GB LTE Full Speed and unlimited LTE at 2g data speed (Tethering included)
$24.99 Month*

Special Regulation for Tethering as it is Included.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, if you plan to use more than 40% of your data allotment on tethering or if you plan to activate a data only device,

we recommend that you purchase prior, a data only device & tethering protection. Add on any time during a given billing cycle for $15 valid for 30 days after purchase.

This is important because you can activate tethering for fee any time, but if more than 40% of data is used for tethering or on a data only device the free portion from 1,450 MB will not be made available. This portion of data would be billed at overage rates.

All monthly charges and overages will be charged to Top-Up Balance.


Good to see an option that has the older non-Mad system available. It will have latency, but they are working on reducing it as much as possible. Once the new Smart Dialer and VOIP Dialer are available, it is probable you would be able to use them with this plan to remove the latency issue. This plan will have ads and the In-Call apps should work with it.

Some more Treats:
M+ and people with Mad plans with Surfing data can change to the Mad Promo 6 without an activation fee from Saturday, October 29, 2016 at 11am Pacific until Monday, October 31, 2016 at 10pm Pacific.
Some Tricks:
We will magically increase Top Up balances with a matching Top Up credit of up to $25 for any new subscriber who ports in from another telecom during this promo to any RingPlus plan OR for anyone who buys any item(s) in our store totaling more than $100.


Disclaimer: I am not a RingPlus employee nor do I receive any form of compensation for any of my RingPlus (or other product service) posts. I am a mostly satisfied RingPlus customer who sees the value offered by the company.

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