RingPlus Free Mad Promo 6 Oct 28 – 31 2016

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Addit 2: If you have MemberPlus or a current Mad Surfing plan, you can switch to Free Mad Promo 6 without paying an activation fee if you do it between October 29, 11 AM and October 31, 10 PM U.S. Pacific Time.

M+ and people with Mad plans with Surfing data can change to the Mad Promo 6 without an activation fee from Saturday, October 29, 2016 at 11am Pacific until Monday, October 31, 2016 at 10pm Pacific.


Addit: Looks like they are talking about doing something for MemberPlus since it hasn’t been worth the $120 upgrade lately. It’s buried in a comment by Karl in the below thread, but I included here:


So member+ don’t really have additinal benefits except for the roaming option that’s a bummer

The day is not over yet. We will have something coming for m+

As of 7:03 PM U.S. Central Time, there is nothing announced for MemberPlus and I am not seeing anything in the various parts of my Dashboard showing anything new for MemberPlus. Ideally, giving a $40 instead of the usual $120 would be a great option. Update: as mentioned above, MemberPlus members can switch to this plan tomorrow morning after 11 A.M. until Monday evening 10 P.M. U.S. Pacific Time. This was mentioned in the new plan offered several hours after I posted this blog post. See my other post here: https://upsdownsfamilyhistory.wordpress.com/2016/10/29/ringplus-new-plan-witch-hazel-or-hazel-witchoct-29-31-2016/.

As announced in this thread: https://social.ringplus.net/discussion/8763/mad-promo-6/p1 RingPlus is now briefly offering Free Mad Promo 6. It is available from Octobter 28, 2016 at 11:30 A.M. U.S. Pacific Time until Monday, October 31, 2016, 10 P.M. U. S. Pacific Time. This is an interesting development as the lowest tier (1,450 units) is free of monthly cost (excluding the $15 Activation fee and possible $20 Top-up) with options to pay for higher allotments 2,000 units, 3,000 units, or 5,000 units ranging from $4.99 + taxes and fees/month to $24.99 + taxes and fees/month. If you don’t like the dialer requirement, you would be switched back to your old plan after two (2) weeks once the dialers become live. This is a Mad plan, free or paid depending on which of the four options you choose. For the free option, you will need to make at least one (1) outgoing call every 60 days or risk losing the plan. Suggest you make a call every 30 days of at least 30 seconds talk duration as a safe workaround. There are any number of places you can call if you don’t want to bother family or friends. For example, my financial institution has a number I can call to check on my account that doesn’t require human interaction although I can talk to an employee during regular business hours if I need to.

Some of the key points,  with a couple covered in more detail in the quoted section below:

  • Free Port-in if you are bringing a phone number from a different company. Big word of CAUTION here: if there is a problem with the port-in, you may lose the plan if it can’t be fixed before the promo ends. This is based on my personal experiences helping people porting in as well as numerous other people who have had similar negative experiences with porting in. If you want the plan, go ahead and sign up for with a placeholder ESN or other phone, then do the port. It may cost a bit more, but it beats losing out on the plan if it’s one you really want. In the vast majority of cases (roughly 96% according to some sources), porting in works great with no hitches. However, the rest of the time it can go wrong in numerous ways. If you are porting in from FreedomPop, for example, you will need to make sure the PIN is correct as it tends to crop up as a problem with FreedomPop port-outs.
  • No Overages on data as it includes “unlimited” Data at a lower speed. Note: there is a restriction on how much unlimited you can use before you risk losing your line. See General Rules 20 and 22 in the Legal section of RingPlus for more information.
  • Activation fee of $15 (billed directly to your credit/debit card).
  • Initial Top-up fee of $20 if you have a zero balance (waived if you have a Top-up balance).
  • 1,450 Talk, SMS Text, MMS Text, and 1,450 MB LTE Data (throttled to 2G speeds after the limit is reached).
  • Tethering included for free, but there is an option for tethering for $15.00/month – you will need this if you plan on tethering with more than 40% of your data or if you use a data  only device. See the quoted section below for more information. UPDATE: They will send warnings when you reach 30% and 35% limit.
  • Optional upgrades include the following (these appear to be higher limits and not added to the base 1,450 from the free offer; also, Karl has said in the above thread that you can switch between this options as needed although you may have to wait until the next billing cycle for the change to occur):
  • 2,000 Talk, SMS Text, MMS Text, and 2,000 MB LTE for $4.99/month.
  • 3,000 Talk, SMS Text, MMS Text, and3,000 MB LTE for $14.99/month.
  • 5,000 Talk, SMS Text, MMS Text, and 5,000 MB LTE for $24.99/month.
  • Overages for all of the above are $0.10/ unit (Talk, SMS, MMS)
  • You will need to install either the Smart Dialer or VOIP Dialer when it becomes available. I copy/pasted the details in the quote below.

A RingPlus Smart Dialer or VoIP dialer will have to be installed as it becomes available ( If you have a feature Phone its time to upgrade, we will have loaner phones available with pre installed dialers right before the holidays )  If you are an existing Member and you wish to switch back from this plan to your current plan you will be able to do so. The switching period will be available to your after testing the new Dialer System for two weeks, after the dialers become available.Please see detail below:

Smart Dialer, that will launch shortly for Android phones, is different than the VoIP dialers used by other free services (eg. Freedom Pop).

The Smart Dialer will utilize the standard voice channels offered by a cell phone network, not voice over Internet, therefore, offering superior call quality and circumventing inherent problems that still exist in VoIP technology that current users experience when traveling. The Smart Dialer will enable all RingPlus apps as well as Ringback tone radio stations from the handset.

RingPlus will also offer a VoIP dialer that will directly connect to our switches, circumventing lengthy routing passes responsible for call delays. We will use the latest VoIP technology for our VoIP dialer.

RingPlus Members on Android will be able to install both apps. RingPlus Members with iPhones that subscribe to Free Mad Plan 6  may be required to install the VoIP dialer.

If you are an existing Member and you wish to switch back from this plan to your current plan you will be able to do so. The switching period will be available to your after testing the new Dialer System for two weeks, after the dialers become available.

(See for more information https://social.ringplus.net/discussion/8733/one-hour-question-and-answer-session/p1)

Special Regulation for Tethering as it is Included.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, if you plan to use more than 40% of your data allotment on tethering or if you plan to activate a data only device,

we recommend that you purchase prior, a data only device & tethering protection. Add on any time during a given billing cycle for $15 valid for 30 days after purchase.

This is important because you can activate tethering for fee any time, but if more than 40% of data is used for tethering or on a data only device the free portion from 1,450 MB will not be made available. This portion of data would be billed at overage rates.

All monthly charges and overages will be charged to Top-Up Balance.


About Mad Plans

– RingPlus Radio is not included.

– Calls are routed over the Sprint Nationwide Network.

– In-call apps (e.g., In-call translator, Transcript and RingPlus Radio)

Bring Your Own Device

You can get a phone from RingPlus or activate a phone you already have on this Plan.

You can check if your phone is eligible in the RingPlus Check Tool athttps://my.ringplus.net/device_validation_requests/new.

Sign up at https://ringplus.net

For information on how to port-in to RingPlus, please see One Step Switch and Save.

I think the $4.99 + taxes and fees for the 2,000 units is a great deal. I think the higher prices for the 3,000 units and 5,000 units is high. Granted, it is cheaper than many competitors, but it is high compared to numerous previous offers on RingPlus. Having said that, it is worth it if you are paying more than the $4.99 – $24.99 + taxes and fees/month for the same amounts of talk, text, and data with your current cell phone company. I updated the bullet point about the different options after reading Karl, the CEO of RingPlus, commenting you can switch between the different options (1,450 units to 5,000 units) as needed. This makes it a better value than if you were stuck with a permanent change. This could come in handy if you know you are going to need more or less units at different times and would allow you to adjust accordingly.  I expect you may have to wait until the next billing cycle to avoid trying to game the system, but time will tell if I an correct.

Disclaimer: I am not a RingPlus employee nor do I receive any form of compensation for any of my RingPlus (or other product service) posts. I am a mostly satisfied RingPlus customer who sees the value offered by the company.


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