FindAGrave Cenotaph Update

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As posted in a response to this thread, (have to be a member of the forums and logged in to get the link to work – sorry nothing I can about that) Mark gave an update and clarification on cenotaph rules for FindAGrave.

In case you are not a member of the forums, here’s a rough breakdown with links to the appropriate FAQs (#22 and #141).


Cenotaph in a cemetery trumps any other disposition, including Cremation, Lost, Burial at Sea, Donation, Non-Cemetery, or Unknown. Add details in Bio section.

A cenotaph does not preclude a person from having multiple cenotaphs or a cenotaph in one or more cemeteries, or having a cenotaph(s) and a permanent residence in another cemetery (N.B.: if the cenotaph is in the same cemetery as the actual burial, then don’t make a separate cenotaph, and yes I have photographed a number of headstones where the cenotaph and burial headstones were in the same cemetery).


Thank you to Mark for giving a definitive answer to this question.

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