Releases Find-A-Grave App for Android Devices announced the release of an Android app for Find-A-Grave. Ancestry released an Apple version of the app back in March. In the middle of a sleet/snow event here so I won’t have much time to check it for now. I plan on doing a comparison between the Android and Apple versions of the app as well as comparing both to the BillionGraves versions. There are some unanswered questions: how accurate are the GPS coordinates? Can you use photos already on your device to upload? How will it handle when you cannot get a wireless connection? Will it work without a wireless plan? The last question is a good one because the BillionGraves app allows you to take photos without needing to have a wireless plan. You take the photos and upload them when you have a Wi-Fi connection (home, Subway, etc.).

Use the following links from your Android or Apple device(s) or search Google Play or iTunes for the apps – all of the apps are free to download:


BillionGraves Android app link: or (includes mention of the BG app beta program) or (choose the Android or Apple link)

BillionGraves iTunes app link:


Find-A-Grave Android app link:

Find-A-Grave iTunes app link:; also available through the Apple version link at the beginning of this post.


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