FamilySearch Ending Photoduplication Service 05 December 2014

As announced by FamilySearch, they are ending the photoduplication service as of 05 December 2014. They will process existing orders, but will not be accepting new orders at that time. This was a great service. It allowed you to order up to five (5) items per month. The month was a rolling calendar month so if you haven’t ordered in the last 30 days, you may be able to still get an order in. You will still be able to order microfilm or microfiche sent to a local Family History Center (FHC), but it will cost anywhere from a couple of dollars to $7+, more if the FHC is located at an affiliate organization. They suggest the items may already be uploaded and indexed; in those cases, you can print or save them unless the copyright holder restricts it. However, many of the items may only be available on FamilySearch through a link to a pay site like Ancestry with a link from FamilySearch.

Accessed from on 21 November 2014

Accessed from on 21 November 2014


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