I help facilitate the DNA Special Interest Group (SIG) at Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society (MHGS).

Accessed from Microsoft Word ClipArt on 30 October 2014

Accessed from Microsoft Word ClipArt on 30 October 2014

What is the MHGS DNA SIG? 

The DNA SIG is an informal discussion group at MHGS. We use the newest information available to share what DNA can and cannot tell us about our ancestors and ourselves. We look at the different DNA tests available and which companies offer the tests.  Also provide information on a variety of resources available to people who have tested or are interested in testing. Resources include websites like GEDmatch, Facebook groups, blogs, and online articles about DNA. The terms, definitions, and results can be confusing. People want to know if the tests have told them anything and our goal is to help them understand what the results are and aren’t telling them.

I spend a minimum of 20 hours a week researching DNA topics. I belong to fourteen DNA related Facebook groups, read over a dozen DNA related blogs on a regular basis, and scour the Internet for DNA topics. Topics range from the latest advances in DNA testing to new and upcoming DNA companies or techniques.

One of my goals with the DNA SIG is to share the information in an easy to understand format and language. I started DNA testing in late 2012, but did not receive my first DNA test results until mid-2013. I had many questions, but most of what I found only led to more questions or confusion. My DNA testing includes FTDNA – Big Y + Y-67 and several SNP tests, Full mtDNA (FMS or FGS), and FamilyFinder (autosomal), AncestryDNA, Geno 2.0, AncestryDNA, 23andMe, DNA-me (company no longer offering DNA testing) and ordered and DNATribes kits.

Another goal is to aid others in learning what DNA testing can do to help people, mostly from a genealogical standpoint. We also discuss the non-genealogical aspects for those wanting to DNA test for other reasons.

We discuss various DNA companies, from the Big Four (FamilyTreeDNA – FTDNA, AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 Project) to, DNATribes, and Full Genomes (FGC).

Disclosure: I am the Board Secretary for MHGS.

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