FamilyTreeDNA Tenth Annual Conference

Updated with additional information – Jennifer’s blog.

FamilyTree (FTDNA) is hosting its Tenth Annual Conference for Project Administrators. The conference started yesterday and has a good line-up of topics it will cover.

You can read about the Opening Reception on Roberta’s blog, She has a second post on her blog, She will add more detail and photos when she gets access to a faster Internet connection. Additional details are being posted in the Facebook ISOGG group. There are a number of other bloggers attending and we should see more details when they post updates on their blogs.

Other details coming out include the addition of MyGroups at FTDNA; more information can be seen in a slide show on Twitter:

Jennifer Zinck posted additional information on her blog: A major announcements mentioned on her blog was Geno 3.0 and a new SNP chip. No word on when Geno 3.0 will be offered or how much it it will cost. There was a lot of information on Roberta and Jennifer’s blog posts and I encourage people to read them. They are good at responding to questions posted to their blogs.

FTDNA announced SNP panels and the first panel offered is R-M222. Currently, FTDNA offers individual SNPs for $39. The new panels include 50 – 60 SNPs and cost about $2/SNP. While it is cheaper than purchasing the same number of SNPs individually, $100 – 120 isn’t going to appeal to many people. It is a lot easier to come up with the occasional $39 for one SNP than $100 for a panel. More questions than answers for now.

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