23andMe To Update Interpretation of Over 10,000 SNPs for v4 Chip Testers

UPDATED to include responses by Christine M. of 23andMe.

If you are a 23andMe v4 chip tester, good news. It does mean downloading raw data will be temporarily disabled for everyone starting Monday and lasting until ? so download your raw data now if you are needing to use it for anything. If you aren’t sure if your 23andMe test was with v4 or an earlier chip, you can check the size of your raw data; v4 chip file size is about 5 MB; v3 chip is higher at around 7.83 MB. Also, the v4 chip testing began in December 2013 so if you tested since then, you are

https://www.23andme.com/you/community/thread/31280 (need to be a 23andMe forum member to use this link)

Analysis of our data has allowed us to improve the interpretation of over 10,000 SNPs for customers on the V4 platform. These SNPs are distributed genome-wide. Raw data downloads for customers on all genotyping platforms will be temporarily disabled for a period of time during the week of July 28, 2014 while the SNPs are incorporated. After the raw data download is re-enabled, V4 customers will see calls for the SNPs that previously did not exist in their raw data. Existing SNP calls will not be affected by this update. Similarly, no features of the site other than raw data should be impacted as these additional SNPs will not be referenced by any health or ancestry features.

Christine M. of 23andMe clarified some points in her responses to several questions.

  1. It is not a new chip or an update to the v4 chip; the SNPs were not originally listed in v4 raw data results.
  2. No SNPs are being removed.
  3. If the SNPs were on the v3 chip, they were reported in the v3 raw data results. This update only applies to v4 chips and won’t be applied to earlier chip versions.
  4. Some of these SNPs were part of the v3 chip, but the majority were not included and are unique to the v4 chip.
  5. She recommended downloading your v4 results before and after the update if you are curious about which ones were part of the update.


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