On Again Off Again Free AncestryDNA Kit for New Ancestry Yearly Subscriptions – Part Two

I reported on the free AncestryDNA kit offer for new Ancestry.com subscribers two weeks ago. The sale was over in less than two days. It’s back. The deal is now $99 for six month subscription or $19.99/month for six months with several other options available.


Accessed from Ancestry.com 16 July 2014

Accessed from Ancestry.com 16 July 2014

The link can be found through the 23andMe forums (need to be a forum member to access the forums). Last time I posted a link, AncestryDNA wound up charging me even though the link was from a third person and shouldn’t have linked to my account. The free kit may only apply to new subscribers and not lapsed subscribers like me. It may not apply if you already purchased a DNA kit through AncestryDNA. I have a link and someone is verifying the link won’t charge back to me.

I don’t know if the $49 sale price is still working. I can’t get it on any of the browsers I tested today. It was still available yesterday.




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