Link to Brother Borealis Blog Post on 25 Things People Mistakenly Say to Yoopers

Found this article on Facebook: 25 Things People Mistakenly Say to Yoopers It’s rare to see a factoid list on Facebook written by people from the area and it’s obvious to those of us from those areas when the person making the factoid list is basing his/her list on their personal biases or general stereotypes. I agree with the third paragraph.

I’ll admit, I’ve read a few of the U.P. themed ones, much to my dismay. It seems they were written by Yooper wanna-be’s who have no idea what it’s like to be a real Yooper, or have any knowledge of the surprisingly diverse demographics and geography of this beautiful place. So in the spirit of our modern age of hyping everything on the internet until we’re sick to our stomachs, here’s my own list of things I’ve been told by outsiders over and over again. Enjoy.

Being from the great state of LandMass, I see similar factoid lists made by others who are either wannabe LandMassians or based their list on stereotypes of people from the state.

This was my first visit to the blog and it’s worth a look if you have an interest in the U.P. Michigan area.

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