AncestryDNA Offers $49 Autosomal Test

Glad to see somebody break the $50 barrier on autosomal even if it’s only a temporary sale price. I recently wrote about Ancestry offering its autosomal for free to new Ancestry subscribers. AncestryDNA is only available to U.S. mailing addresses at this time and they are supposed to expand to Canada next year.

Ancestry is offering some people its DNA test for $49. No word on how long Ancestry is making this offer available. I found a workaround to get the $49 price for those not receiving it on their account. Clearing browser history and cookies or switching browsers should work to get the $49 price if you know anyone interested in doing it. Geared towards new users, but I was able to get the price to show up for me. Coupon code: socialdna knocked off a bit more. Some browsers wouldn’t give me the $49 rate and others could get it on browsers that didn’t work for me.

Will be interesting to see if it becomes the new price point for autosomal tests in the near future.

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