Blue Skyways Is No More and Took KSGenWeb With It

Blue Skyways website was taken down at the end of June. Unfortunately, the take down resulted in the loss of the Kansas GenWeb part of the USGenWeb site. The Kansas State Historical Society (KSHS) stated on its Blue Skyways Transition page

All of the content formerly housed in the KS GenWeb section of Blue Skyways will be relocated to the website of the Kansas State Historical Society. A link to the new site will be added to this page when it becomes available.

Historical and genealogical societies and local government agencies using the site for free hosting were notified a year ago to allow them time to find alternative hosting for their organizations. It doesn’t seem most of the societies made alternate hosting arrangements. This is a major blow to many of these organizations because Blue Skyways was their only or primary web presence. No word on how long before KSHS begins the relocation process or how long it will take.

There is a workaround for much of the lost content – the Wayback Machine link to KS GenWeb – this link is to the 25 June 2014 saved page, the last saved copy before the site closed.

Here is a link to Kansas historical and genealogical societies listed on Blue Skyways. There are over sixty (60) societies on the list. Around twenty-five (25) of them used Blue Skyways for hosting, Several of the non-Blue Skyways society links are dead. Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society (MHGS) was one of the few societies to make the change before Blue Skyways closed.

Facebook is another option if any of the societies operate a Facebook page or group. You can use your favorite search engine and see if  a society has created a replacement website.

I am monitoring the situation and will provide updates when available.

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