Minnesota Adds Documents Online 1900 – 1990

As reported by MinnPost, Minnesota digitized and uploaded official documents for the period 1900 – 1990. Direct link to Minnesota’s Secretary of State website. There are seventeen types of documents available:

Aeronautics Orders (1940s-1980s, 259 cards)

Appointments (1919-1991, 12,484 cards)

Deputy Clerks of Court (1986-1991, 95 cards)

Executive Orders (1943-1991, 36 cards)

Extraditions (1941-1991, 2501 cards)

Foreign Consul Registrations (1906-1990, 201 cards)

Miscellaneous Official Documents (1905-1991, 2721 cards)

Miscellaneous Bonds (1925-1987, 237 cards)

Money Order Bonds (1955-1991, 79 cards)

Oaths of Office (1915-1991, 12,653 cards)

Obsolete Rules (1945-1977, 131 cards)

Official Documents of Cities, Towns, and Villages (1905-1991, 1027 cards)

Out-of-State Tobacco Distributors (1947-1988, 99 cards)

Plumbers’ Bonds (1979-1991, 1384 cards)

Powers of Attorney (1917-1990, 216 cards)

Proclamations (1900-1991, 6237 cards)

Rules (1977-1991, 176 cards)

Many of these records are of limited genealogical value, but others include names, occupations, appointments, and other relevant genealogical information.

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