52 Ancestor Week 25 Charles and Paul Arthur Kring of Fort Scott Kansas

Update: Charles looks to be Charles Edward, the son of William and Rebecca Kring. Still no word on Paul’s relation to the family. Update January 17, 2018: Paul is the grandson of William and Rebecca Kring through their son, James Arthur Kring.

Here’s the story behind the challenge if you want to participate. http://www.nostorytoosmall.com/52-ancestors-in-52-weeks. Amy’s recap of #52 Ancestors for Week 25.

Who were Charles and Paul Arthur Kring? Were they brothers, cousins, uncle/nephew, grandfather/grandson? How old were they? When and why did they move to Fort Scott? To a degree, this post is a continuation of several others – The Three Krings – Sarah, Simon, and William; Past Genealogy Road Trips; and to a lesser extent,  Reverend Swartz Road Trip 52 Ancestor Week 13 challenge. It is also the basis for my 52 Ancestor Challenge Week 26 – Krings of Southeast Kansas.

I found Charles and Paul Kring two years ago when I stumbled on their Find-A-Grave memorials. Charles Kring’s memorial had limited information – died August 1898, unmarked grave, Plot 72. Paul Arthur Kring’s memorial – died July 1903, Plot 2.

I knew nothing else of Charles or Paul – parents, siblings, children, birth/death dates, etc. Paul left such a lasting impression that I forgot about him. I believed they were related to my Krings since both Simon Kring and William Kring families lived in the Fort Scott area around this time. Simon’s sons – Charles (my grandfather),  Hosea, and Herbert were old enough to have fathered young children. Could Charles and Paul be unknown children of my grandfather? I hadn’t considered the possibility they could be children of William until Anita, a friend, raised the question. William and Rebecca had several children whose names I have not found so it’s a possibility. William had a son, Edward, who died August 1898, but no information on where he was buried. Was Edward and Charles the same person? Maybe it was Charles Edward or Edward Charles. (update: Charles Edward Kring 1880 – 1898 is the most likely candidate based on other information).

Jim, my friend from the Bushton road trip, mentioned he and his wife, Peggy, were going to the Fort Scott area to visit some of their family graves and said I could tag along. We made the trip on 26 June. Some of my goals for this trip were visit their graves, photograph the graves and headstones (if any), and find out what information the cemetery staff had on Charles and Paul.


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