Two Possible Replacements for – and

Dislaimer: I have not used either company’s product so I don’t feel qualified to review them. I am merely offering them as two possible alternatives to As other companies offer replacements for MyFamily or other sites is closing become known to me, I will add them.

As always, please research any company, free or paid, before choosing to use their products. Check their ToS (Terms of Service), prices, cancellation policies, renewal policies, and other pertinents before signing up.

I became aware of from a comment posted on 23 June by Dan Hixon on my post about Ancestry closing several sites. is a paid site, but it’s only $29/year for up to 15 GB of space with additional space available at $1.99/GB. The 15 GB plan should meet the needs of most users. They offer a 75 day unconditional guarantee. That’s rare; with most companies, you might get 7 – 30 days. Spokt is developing a MyFamily Migration tool.

A second contender is FamilyLobby offers one free and two paid plans. The free plan includes 100 MB of space. The paid options are $4.79/month (or $52.99/year) with 3 GB space and $8.99/year (or $98.99/year) for unlimited. You can compare them at FamilyLobby’s Tell Me More.

If anybody uses either or both sites and wants to do, or has done, a review, please let me know.


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One Response to Two Possible Replacements for – and

  1. jefferyhixon says:

    Spokt has launched the MyFamily migration tool called Mayflower. Here is a link:

    I have been using Spokt for 7 years and it is great. It is professionally designed, lightning fast and it feels great to be able to have online conversations with family and friends. It is hard to stay in touch as lives get busier and distances increase and Facebook lacks the intimacy of a group conversation. Spokt provides that intimacy and smooth usability that helps me feel close and keep up to date with the people I care about most.


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