Congratulations on BillionGraves Reaching 9 Million Records

Yesterday, BillionGraves announced it hit 9 million records transcribed and 109,000 users. It only took 39 days to go from 8 million records. Here’s my post on BillionGraves reaching 8 million records.  This million milestone includes 5,332 cemeteries in 85 countries – including 51 U.S. states and territories, 10 Canadian provinces, 8 Australian states. In terms of contributors, 3,058 photographers, 4,158 transcribers in 76 countries. The 9 millionth record was transcribed by VeganHiker and the photograph was taken by jkpeters189. At present, there are 724,530 untranscribed images. My projection for the 10 millionth record is July 25th or sooner. How close will my projection be?

Posting a separate blog about the most recent change to transcribing introduced yesterday.

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