How To Clear Your Web Browser Cache – Computer Tip

This article on WikiHow covers the way to clear your cache on various web browsers. Each browser has its own way of clearing your cache. In most cases, you can set what gets cleared (browser history, saved passwords, cookies, download history, cache, etc.). I use Comodo Dragon as my primary browser with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as back-ups. I use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) on rare occasions since some things only work on IE. Dragon is derived from Chromium, the base for Chrome and in many ways it operates as Chrome. I use CCleaner and choose what it does and doesn’t clear. If you aren’t sure what to clear, check with a knowledgeable expert.

I recommend setting your browser to clear cache on browser close if your browser has the option. The clear cache on browser close isn’t always in the same place on all browsers. I regularly clear cache while browing. You should choose which settings you want to clear. In Ancestry’s recent DDoS, they recommended clearing cache, clearing cookies, deleting browser history, and closing/re-opening your browser.

If you use a browser or browser version not included in the WikiHow link, a search for clearing cache using your preferred search engine should come up with many links that cover your browser.

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