Remembering Audie Murphy 20 June 1924 – 28 May 1971

Remembering Audie Murphy (20 June 1924 – 28 May 1971).

Audie Murphy’s Find-A-Grave memorial in Arlington and Arlington National Cemetery on BillionGraves. A cenotaph memorial – GPS location 37.364529, -80.225759 in Roanoke County, Virginia. Historical Marker Database link for his memorial. Official website for Audie Murphy. IMDB listing for Audie Murphy. Arlington National Cemetery’s Mapper program. Choose website, mobile app, or Find a gravesite. He’s buried in Section 46, Grave  366-11. In viewing his headstone, there is one key difference between his headstone and other Congressional Medal of Honor (CMOH) recipients. At the request of his family, his headstone does not have the usual CMOH symbol.

Many people recognize Audie Murphy for his movie roles, but how many remember his military service? If you haven’t watched To Hell and Back, it’s a good movie covering his service during World War II.


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