Latest Outage/Access Update

In the latest update from, they are supposed to be up and running. Given how many times they have told us this, I am inclined to respond – YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). I can get into most of Ancestry (ACOM)  and its affiliates, but I can’t get into all of them. Find-A-Grave is finally up for me. I would hold off adding or editing information to any of the sites until the dust has settled. If you are still having problems accessing any of the ACOM sites, post on their Facebook product and fan page(s), contact customer support. Before contacting them, clear cache, clear cookies, delete browser history, close your browser, possibly restart your computer. Those are the usual things their customer support tells you to do first.

Here’s the warning showing on the Ancestry website.

Hearing reports of free access to Ancestry for Father’s Day, but haven’t received an e-mail yet. No surprise there as their e-mails often come half-way into a free access period. The free access is only going to be for some of the databases based on past history. I will update on the free access once I see something official.
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