and Related Sites Supposed To Be Up, But Not Everyone Is Seeing It

As reported on, the DDoS attack has been neutralized. However, as reported by many people access to Ancestry (ACOM), Fold3, Find-A-Grave,, and other ACOM services hasn’t been restored. I regained and lost access to Ancestry,, and Rootsweb; I regained and haven’t lost access to Fold3; and I have never regained access to Find-A-Grave. For those who can get into Ancestry, many are finding limited ability to do things. My suggestion is DON’T make changes or add stuff until full access has been restored. If you do add things or make changes, make a list of what you did and double check to make sure nothing got lost.

Clearing cache, changing browsers, restarting browsers, restarting computer, changing locations and computers haven’t made a difference in my access. They are worth trying if you can’t access one or more of the ACOM sites.

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