Will This Petition Change Ancestry.com’s Decision to Dump DNA Samples?

A petition has been started to convince Ancestry not to destroy the DNA samples from their soon-to-be discontinued Y-DNA and mtDNA tests. You can learn more about the petition on their Facebook page here. I mentioned Ancestry destroying the samples in a blog post. For many people, these samples are the only remaining DNA samples for those who have passed on.

I doubt this petition will change Ancestry’s decision unless it gets lots of signatures, but I signed it as I think it’s important. I think it will take people talking with their money to get Ancestry to change their mind. If enough people make it clear to Ancestry that this decision will lead them to stop paying Ancestry, they are more likely to listen.  Another option would be to contact their investor relations public relations office and voice your opinion to them.

Something few have considered is how long before Ancestry does the same thing to its autosomal tests? I don’t think it will happen for a while, but once the profit margin for autosomal drops low enough don’t be surprised if it winds up on the chopping block. How long until full DNA testing hits the $100 – $250 mark? We already have a $1,500 full DNA test from an Australian company and a soon-to-be released $1,000 full DNA testing machine. I mentioned both in this blog post.

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