FTDNA Y-DNA Transfer Update

I received an  e-mail from FamlyTree DNA (FTDNA) offering Y-DNA and autosomal DNA transfers from Ancestry.com. Here’s a screenshot of the offers. I expected FTDNA to make an offer after Ancestry’s recent announcement about ending Y-DNA and mtDNA.

Accessed from FTDNA 06 June 2014

Accessed from FTDNA 06 June 2014

Here is the direct link to ordering a transfer to FTDNA. Prices range from $19 – 58 for Y-DNA transfers and $69 for autosomal transfers.

Contrary to some project admin e-mails and a few other people, the transfer offer does not include mtDNA. I think it would be a good marketing strategy for FTDNA to offer a discount for those wanting to transfer mtDNA. As before, autosomal transfer offers are not available for those who tested with the v4 chip at 23andMe.

FTDNA makes a good point about not knowing what the future holds for Ancestry’s autosomal DNA testing. I doubt Ancestry will end their autosomal testing in the near future, but it’s hard to tell with Ancestry.

How to download your raw DNA data from AncestryDNA?

Follow the instructions in this link. Note: Ancestry sends you an e-mail link so make sure your e-mail address is correct. If the e-mail link doesn’t arrive, check your Spam folder.

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