WikiTree and TribalPages Birthdays Week of 04 June 2014

Updated 04 June 2014 to include Bernice Dowdy.

Weekly birthday list e-mail from WikiTree and TribalPages. I keep these birthday updates short, kind of mini-52 Ancestors challenges. The format for each entry is full name (including maiden and any married names when known), birthdate, death date, relation to me (generally based on’s view relationship to me prediction) birthplace, death place, and burial place (if known). Generally, I don’t list the names of living relatives included on the e-mail, but I acknowledge the day.

Rebecca (nee Kolb) Tobias (06 June 1810 – 14 December 1893; mother-in-law of great-grand uncle) Born in Bern, Berks County, Pennsylvania; died in El Paso, Woodford County, Illinois; buried in Glendale Cemetery, Washington, Tazewell County, Illinois.  Find-A-Grave memorial; BillionGraves cemetery. Her daughter, Rebecca (nee Tobias) Kring, was on an earlier Birthday Week post.

Lula Ida (nee Twiford) Hassell Mann (07 June 1882 – 03 May 1961; no known relationship, but probably a cousin to Holland Twiford, my great-grandmother). Born in East Lake, Dare County, North Carolina; died in Nags Head, Dare County, North Carolina; and buried in East Lake Methodist Church Cemetery. Find-A-Grave memorial; BillionGraves cemetery.

Bernice Dye (nee Midgette or Midgett, seen it both ways) Dowdy  (09 June 1912 – 16 June 1965; wife of step-son of great-grand aunt) Born in Manteo, Dare County, North Carolina; death place unknown; and buried in Manteo Cemetery, Dare County, North Carolina.Find-A-Grave memorial; BillionGraves cemetery.

Susannah Seidner Paulin (09 June 1826 – 17 May 1911; 2nd great-grand aunt) Born and died in Ohio; buried in Paulin Cemetery, New Springfield, Mahoning County, Ohio. Find-A-Grave memorial; BillionGraves cemetery.

Elijah Kring (10 June or 10 January 1840 – 03 December 1926; great-grand uncle) Born in Westerville, Franklin County, Ohio; died in  Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana; and buried in Kokomo Zion United Methodist Church. Find-A-Grave memorial; BillionGraves cemetery.

 George W. Felter (10 June 1845 – 03 November 1931; 2nd great-grandfather of daughter) Born in Kane County, Illinois; died in Severy, Greenwood County, Kansas; and buried in Twin Groves Cemetery in Severy. Find-A-Grave memorial; BillionGraves cemetery.

June Birthdays, exact birthday unknown

John W. Sexton (June 1899 – ?; 1st great-grand uncle of ex-wife) Born in Arkansas; death date and burial place unknown.

Beatrice Annie Boaden (June 1886 – ?;1st cousin of husband of mother-in-law of aunt) Born in Barnstaple, Devon, England; death and burial place unknown.

George Boaden (June 1876 – June 1949; 1st cousin of husband of mother-in-law of aunt) Born and died in Barnstaple, Devon, England; and burial place unknown.

Thomas Vesper (June 1792 – 1863; 2nd great-grandfather); born in New York; died in Concord, Merrimack County, New Hampshire; and burial place unknown.

Agnes H. Koehn (June 1884 – ; sister-in-law of first cousin, twice removed) Born in Kansas; death date and burial place unknown.

Waldemar or Waldo Gabriel Hopkins (June 1886 – ?; nephew of husband of grand-aunt) Born in Louisiana; death date and burial place unknown.

Lillie N. Richards (June 1879 – 28 June 1912; great-grand aunt). Born in Mississippi; death date and burial place unknown.

Frances Burrows (June 1764 – June 1792; wife of 2nd great-grandfather of wife of 3rd great-grandfather) Born and died in Veryan, Cornwall, England; and burial place unknown.

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