52 Ancestor Week 2 Ollie Kring Matriarch of the Kring Family Part 1

First of two parts on Ollie Kring

Update (second): second husband, John Hefferman was my 52 Ancestor Week 21 postAlso added links for Week 2 and Week 22 recaps.

A wee bit late, but the long-anticipated Week 2 of the #52 Ancestors Challenge. Ollie Kring. Here’s the story behind the challenge if you want to participate. http://www.nostorytoosmall.com/52-ancestors-in-52-weeks. Amy’s Week 2 recap and Week 22 recap.

I don’t know if Ollie Kring was the matriarch of her family, but in this photo her demeanor reminds me of Grandma Walton. The three men in the photo are her sons (in birth order since I am not sure who’s who in the picture) – Charles, Hosea, and Herbert.

Ollie and Kids To put Ollie’s place in my 52 Ancestors, she is the grandmother of Aunt K (Week 9), the great-grandmother of Lorraine (Week 11, link goes active shortly after midnight a week from today – the 18th), the sister-in-law of Daniel Kring (Week 8), mother-in-law of Minnie (Smart) Kring (Week 7), grandmother-in-law of Fred Smith (Week 6); not sure the relationship to Janie Kates (Week 5), but Ancestry has Janie as niece of wife of son if I set Ollie as the home person, mother of Hosea Kring (Week 4, and one of the men in the above photo), grandmother of Owen Kring (Week 3), and wife of Simon Kring (Week 1). In the coming months, other connections will include Herbert Kring, her youngest son; Simeon Swartz (husband of Sarah Kring, Simon’s sister), Catherine Jefferies (daughter of Simeon and Sarah Swartz), and a host of to be named relatives. I don’t know Ollie’s first name; in records, it alternates between Olive and Olivia. I thought the riddle was solved after receiving a copy of her death certificate f. Alas, no. Herbert filled it out, but had so many Don’t know and Can’t say responses, it was almost useless. I knew she died in Moss Point, Jackson County, Mississippi, but thought she was buried near Herbert in Griffin Cemetery in Moss Point. It turns out she’s buried in Mississippi City (now part of Gulfport) in a family plot purchased by her oldest son, Charles. Ollie Kring DC Information from other Ancestry family trees has Ollie’s birth information as 13 August 1848 in Stockbridge, Madison County, New York. However, if Uncle Herbert’s information about her age is correct (age 70), she would have been born in 1856. Her parents are listed as Thomas Vesper (1792 – 1863) and Elizabeth Morris Vesper (1800 – ?) in many Ancestry trees. In the 1850 federal census for Stockbridge, New York, Olive Vesper is shown as the daughter of Thomas and Ann G. Vesper, age 5 (birth year circa 1845 and born in New York) and sisters Malissa (age 13) and Sarah (age 8).

Ollie V Kring 1850 Fed Cen Blog

Accessed MyHeritage 12 March 2014.

Per the 1855 New York state census for Stockbridge, Olive (age 10) with parents Thomas and Jenette Vesper; sisters Melissa (age 18) and Sarah (age 13).

Ollie Vesper Kring NY 1855 Cen Blog

“New York, State Census, 1855”, index and images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/K6SV-C9L : accessed 12 Mar 2014), Olive Vesper in entry for Thomas Vesper, 1855.

 In the 1860 federal census for Stockbridge, New York, Olive is the daughter of Thomas and Jerrett Vesper (age 13, born in New York) with sisters Philomena Claftin (or Claflin), age 28 and Sarah Claftin/Claflin, age 18.

Ollie V Kring 1860 Fed Cen Blog

Accessed MyHeritage 12 March 2014.

 I haven’t found her in the 1870 federal census and don’t know when she moved from New York to Kansas. She married Simon Kring 29 June 1873 in Neosho County, Kansas.

I next find her in the 1875 Kansas state census

The 1880 federal census has her in Grant Township, Neosho County, Kansas.

Checking the 1885 Kansas state census, Ollie and family are living in Baker Township, Crawford County, Kansas.

This is new to me and found while researching Ollie for the 52 Ancestor Challenge. After Simon disappears between  March 1885 and December 1887, I found Ollie A. Cring (age 38, birth date 1851) marriage to John Heffermon (should be Hefferman – age 46, birth date 1843) on 02 February 1889 in Crawford County, Kansas (“Kansas, Marriages, 1840-1935”, index, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/FWG9-DM6 : accessed 12 Mar 2014; Indexing Project M72504-2; GS Film # 1404717), John Heffermon and Ollie A. Cring, 02 Feb 1889). The 1890 federal census is lost to history. I didn’t find her in the 1895 Kansas state census. I need to order a copy of the actual record and verify the names to see if it’s Ollie.

To be continued.

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