52 Ancestor Week 21 John Hefferman Who Were You?

Updated 01 June 2014 to include link to Amy’s Week 21 recap.

Here’s the story behind the challenge if you want to participate. http://www.nostorytoosmall.com/52-ancestors-in-52-weeks. A recap of #52 Ancestors for Week 21 can be found here.

John Hefferman is one of my newest finds. While working on great-grandmother Ollie’s 52 Ancestor entry, I checked FamilySearch.org again. Up popped a record of a marriage between Ollie A. Cring (born 1851) and John Heffermon (born 1848) 02 February 1899 in Crawford County, Kansas. Ollie was living in the area at the time and the birth year was in the ballpark (census records for her age vary widely)  It was only an index so I submitted a photoduplication request from FamilySearch to see what it showed. Ollie’s 1926 death certificate and most of her early 1900 records listed her as Kring.

In early April, FamilySearch sent me a photocopy of the original document

Photocopy from FamilySearch.org received 07 April 2014

Photocopy from FamilySearch.org received 07 April 2014

Additional research for John or Ollie Hefferman came up with more questions than answers. I found several Civil War pension records for John Hefferman (alias John Gallagher – don’t know why he has an alias on the pension record) and a widow’s pension for Ollie (transcribed Ellie on some genealogy sites) Hefferman. They show John was part of Company A and Company E of 11th U.S. Infantry under the name John Gallagher. Research on 11th U.S. Infantry reveals it was formed in Boston, Massachusetts. Ollie had Massachusetts connections because her parents were married in Worcester.

Gallagher, John 2

Accessed Ancestry.com on 25 May 2014.

Accessed Ancestry.com on 25 May 2014.

Here’s a copy of Ollie’s pension request from Ancestry.com; transcribed as Ellie Hefferman on Ancestry.

Accessed Ancestry.com on 25 May 2014.

Accessed Ancestry.com on 25 May 2014.

Date of widow’s pension was 30 June 1905. For those unfamiliar with Civil War pension records, it doesn’t mean he died in June. He could have died earlier. I haven’t found when he died or where he is buried. I found one John Hefferman (died 1899) on Find-A-Grave, but his headstone lists a different unit. I don’t know what happened to John after his tour of service with the 11th U.S. Infantry or how/when he came to live in southeast Kansas. In March 1905 Kansas state census, she is listed as Mrs. Ollie A. Kring (not Hefferman) living with H. C. Kring (Herbert, her youngest son) and Katie Johnson (Katie married Herbert in December 1905). I found a 1914 news article reporting James Kring missing and it mentioned his mother Mrs. Hefferman. This confused when I first read it a while back as I didn’t know Ollie had married a Hefferman. It’s also confusing because she was listed as Ollie Kring in a city directory in 1905!

I am still looking for more information on John as I don’t know where he was born, who his parents were, where he lived before marrying Ollie in 1899. I haven’t found them in the 1900 federal census, but Hefferman has been misspelled so many ways I could easily miss them.

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