In Memory of HMS Hood

Posting this to honor those brave men on the H.M.S. Hood who gave their lives on this day (24 May 1941). This is a good link for the names of those brave men who went down with the ship. Here is my blog post about the Bismarck, but please note it won’t be active until 10:35 A.M. (U.S. Central Time) on 27 May.

You can view photos of her final resting place here. The link has several other pages and more information about the search for H.M.S. Hood.

I found this video clip during my search

Here is a Find-A-Grave Virtual Cemetery with a partial listing of her crew.

For those unfamiliar with the battle, this song by Johnny Horton gives some background.

Here is a PBS article on the battle. Click on the Next arrow at the bottom of the page or use the side menu.

The sinking of H.M.S. Hood led to a massive hunt to find and sink the German battleship Bismarck.

After the wreckage of the Bismarck was found, they used its location as a starting point to narrow down the search for the Hood.

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