Awesome #BillionGraves May Contest

If you haven’t participated in #BillionGraves yet, this is the month to do it. For photos, you need to take them with the BG app (available for many Android and i-devices – tablets and phones, check here, not a complete list).

How’s this for a great contest? Appreciate the awesome prize available (unlocked mini iPad 16GB Wi-Fi version + 4G LTE) to everyone who transcribes 75,000 records or uploads 50,000 unique photos during the contest period. Contest rules are found at the bottom of this link:

#BillionGraves May Contest

Be aware quality matters on both photos and transcriptions.

Not sure I can hit 50,000 photos (about 1,667/day) or 75,000 transcriptions (2,500/day) to earn the mini iPad, but definitely worth trying.

Will update as the contest progresses.

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