DNA Day Related Sales

Disclaimer: I do not receive any compensation for posting this notice and the links are not affiliate links.

In celebration of DNA Day several companies are offering sales.

YSEQ.net – (Y DNA) SNP tests are on sale for $25 (regularly $35) through June 15th (Father’s Day) and discounts are available for 8+ SNPs or groups. They offer almost 1,400 SNPs and will add new ones if you want one not listed. They also offer Y STR tests.

AncestryDNA – autosomal DNA test on sale for $79 (regularly $99). Only available to U.S. shipping addresses. Sale ends April 27. Ancestry routinely offers $79 or $89 sale prices if you miss this one. Rarely a month passes where I don’t get an e-mail from Ancestry advertising the $89 or $79 price. Good thing is you can usually use someone else’s sale link to get the sale price mentioned in the link. Ancestry is running a Mother’s Day sale, but the price for the DNA test through that link is $99!

Full Genomes Corporation – Comprehensive Y DNA test on sale for $999, regularly $1,250. Use coupon code FGCDNA when ordering. They also accept BAM results. You can submit them free if you want to add the information for future comparisons, or for $50 they will give an analysis of your BIG Y BAM results. I am not sure when the sale ends, but you can e-mail the company.

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) – Y DNA sale; SNPs are on sale for 20% off ($31.20, regularly $39) and a discount on the 37 marker Y-STR test ($135.20, regularly $169). I expected a better sale from FTDNA based on past year offerings for DNA Day. I purchased my first FTDNA test last year during the DNA Day sale and they offered better sale prices on more products. If you aren’t in a rush for non-SNP tests, consider waiting until the next sale, probably in June. FTDNA released a new Y-DNA phylo tree today, but many are reporting problems with it. The new tree may be newer than the old tree, but you are better off checking out a tree in a project if the admins are updating it. The company announced a new Population Finder ethnicity update scheduled for May 1st.

23andMe – not having a DNA Day sale, but if you order two or more autosomal kits, they offer 20% discounts for the extra kits in the same order. You pay $99 ($124 if Assisted Collection Kit) for the first kit and 20% for the extra kits. If you do a mixed order of regular and Assisted Collection Kits, you will pay the full price for one Assisted Kit.

Other non-sale items include a company taking pre-orders for a DNA testing machine, http://www.nature.com/news/nanopore-genome-sequencer-makes-its-debut-1.10051 It costs $1,000 + $250 for shipping. An Australian company offers a full genome DNA test for $1500 (minimum order of 20, with discount for volume orders) – https://www.scienceexchange.com/labs/kinghorn-centre-for-clinical-genomics.

If I missed a sale, please let me know.

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