52 Ancestors Week 12 Ira Swartz (1874 – 1874) Grave Location MIA

Updated 25 March 2014 2320 (11:20 PM, US Central Time)

Here’s the story behind the challenge if you want to participate. http://www.nostorytoosmall.com/52-ancestors-in-52-weeks. They are worth looking at for those who don’t participate. Been running around 200+ entries a week for a while now. You can find Amy’s Week 12 recap here with lots of interesting posts for your perusal.

This is one of several blog posts about our trip to Bushton, Rice County, Kansas yesterday. Another one will cover the trip itself and Ira’s parents will cover another one or two posts.

Ira Swartz was an Independence baby, born on the Fourth of July, 1874 and dying on 13 July 1874. He was the sixth child and second son of Reverend Simeon (future 52 Ancestor) and Sarah (Kring) Swartz. Sarah is the sister of my great-grandfather, Simon Tobias Kring. His siblings include Mary Catherine (Swartz) Jefferies (1857 – 1927) and a future 52 Ancestor choice as well as my first Wichita connection; Emma Sophia (Swartz) Hauser (1859 – 1944); Charles Wesley Swartz (1860 – 1951); William Lincoln Swartz (1862 – 1937); Daniel Bruff Swartz (1863 – 1941); Dwight Lyman Swartz (1875 – 1970); and Orvo Merrill Swartz (1878 – 1979).

Ira is the only Swartz buried in Bushton; his parents are buried in Major County, Oklahoma and are on my bucket list to visit. Mary is buried in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas; Emma is buried in Hollywood, California; Charles and Daniel are buried in Washington County, Oregon; William, Dwight, and Orvo are buried near their parents.

To learn more about Reverend Simeon Swartz and his family, check out a book compiled by his youngest son, Orvo. It’s available on the FamilySearch History Book site, using Simeon Swartz in the search criteria in case this link doesn’t work: https://dcms.lds.org/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=IE947242&from=fhd

On page 16 of the book (page 20 of the PDF), Orvo writes Ira Swartz was born in a canvas shelter on 04 July 1874 in Farmer Township, Rice County, Kansas and lived nine days. On page 58 (69 in the PDF), Orvo mentions Ira was buried in Swartz Cemetery on the southeast acre of their family farm.

I have been unable to determine positively if Swartz Cemetery is now the Bushton-Farmer Township Cemetery, but the description fits in most aspects. I made a special trip yesterday (24 March 2014) to Bushton in an attempt to find the location of Ira’s grave. There are a number of unmarked graves and unreadable headstones old enough which could be Ira’s. Later in the book, Orvo calls it the Bushton Cemetery and says Ira was the first burial in it. More research and a possible second visit to Bushton may help me verify Bushton Cemetery and Swartz Cemetery are one and the same. The town is roughly a two hour trip and I may need to stop at Lyons, the county seat of Rice County, to see and what is available there.

Update: From an article about Father Swartz in an old book about the area, the editor reports Simeon’s daughter Emma (Swartz) Hauser and her husband, George, purchased the old Swartz homestead.

Red arrow points to Bushton-Farmer Township Cemetery

Red arrow points to Bushton-Farmer Township Cemetery, Google maps image accessed 25 March 2014.

When I post Simeon’s 52 Ancestor information, I will include plat maps. In those plat maps, the Bushton-Farmer Township Cemetery doesn’t appear to be on Simeon’s land, but on land belonging to the Hauser family.

Photo taken 24 March 2014.

Photo taken 24 March 2014.

The cemetery sign is located on the south side of the cemetery. The upper right quadrant of the cemetery has most of the oldest readable headstones although some of the unreadable headstones in the lower right quadrant of the cemetery look old enough to be the right time frame.

BillionGraves: Bushton-Farmer Township Cemetery

Find-A-Grave: Bushton-Farmer Township Cemetery

GenealogyTrails: link

Interment.net: Bushton-Farmer Township Cemetery

U.S. GenWeb Tombstone Project: Bushton-Farmer Township Cemetery

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