Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Surname Count – Genea-Musings 22 March 2014

I saw this posted on Facebook and here is my entry to Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. The challenge for today is Surname Count. This is my first entry in the Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

I used Family Tree Maker 2012 (FTM 2012) to generate my surname count.

FTM 2012 Surname Tots

I have 1,127 persons in my tree divided among 151 surnames. My top surname was Kring with 118 persons (67 male, 49 female) from 1725 – 1954. You can see the breakdown of the Top 20 in the above screenshot. Smith came in at #8, mainly because a great-grandfather Smith born in 1860 blocks my progress on the Smith line and too little information about Grandfather Smith’s siblings’ lines. It was a fun and eye-opening exercise. I came across a large number of surnames with only one entry.


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