Find-A-Grave Indirectly Adds Sibling Linking Via Parent Linking

Check out the several addit: below for updated information.

As reported in the Find-A-Grave Mississippi Facebook group, Find-A-Grave has added sibling links. They rolled out earlier today and are a nice addition to the existing parent and spouse links. N.B.: per the FAQs, you can’t directly create sibling links with this change; it’s done by linking the sibling to the same parent(s).

Here is my great-grandfather’s brother, Daniel Kring on Find-A-Grave.

D Kring Link

Here’s a screenshot of the Sibling section. Daniel is in gray and isn’t a clickable link.

The relevant Find-A-Grave FAQ for sibling links

Add SibThe link is created when you add a parent to one of the siblings. In the case of half-siblings, they will show up as ** Half-sibling instead of the standard *. This is different from BillionGraves where you can link people as parent, child, sibling, or spouse. For the most part, I prefer the BillionGraves method because you can link siblings when you don’t have a parent listed and you don’t have to rely on second parties linking the other child(ren) to one or both parents. Addit: it assumes full sibling if only one parent is listed on Find-A-Grave.

One advantage to the Find-A-Grave method is not having to individually link each sibling. In Daniel’s case, it only links Daniel and his siblings who have been linked to their parents for a total of nine linked siblings. His father’s memorial shows he had 13 children so 4 are either not on Find-A-Grave or haven’t been linked to him if they are on Find-A-Grave.

Addit: If you don’t know the parents, but do know the siblings, try this solution posted on the Michigan Family Trails blog

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