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AncestryDNA Offering Free Kit If You Host AncestryDNA House Party

Saw this on Facebook. Ancestry is giving away free kits to qualifying people who host an AncestryDNA house party. Only open to U.S. residents and you have to return the kit within 48 hours after receiving it. http://www.houseparty.com/event/ancestry?utm_source=ancestry&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=587-ancestry&utm_content=hr1&sf2076338=1  

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Getty Images – Almost Free To Use – With Some Major Strings Attached

In case you haven’t heard Getty Images has made many of its images free to use as long as you follow the rules. I am going to defer to Judy G. Russell’s evaluation http://www.legalgenealogist.com/blog/2014/03/07/getty-images-not-quite-free-to-use I don’t plan on using them. While … Continue reading

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100th Post Or Is It? Reflections – Past, Present, and Future May 7, 2014

Dashboard shows this will be my 100th Published Post. It shows All (120), Published (99 – before this one posts) Sticky (1) Scheduled (1) Drafts (20) Trash (2). Not showing is my first blog post. You won’t find it anywhere … Continue reading

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