52 Ancestors Week 7 Minnie Smart Kring My Third Grandmother

Week 7 of the #52 Ancestors Challenge. Here’s the story behind the challenge if you want to participate. http://www.nostorytoosmall.com/52-ancestors-in-52-weeks. Some of you saw third grandmother and may be wondering if it’s a typo. Did I mean third great grandmother or maybe second great-grandmother? It is not a typo. I mentioned Minnie in my 52 Ancestors Week 3 post about Owen D. Kring. Minnie was Owen’s mother. I visited her grave in the early to mid 1970s. She is buried next to my grandfather. At the time, I thought she was Mom’s mother. It would be decades before I learned she wasn’t and my blood maternal grandmother, Cora Bush Kring, is buried in Coalville Cemetery in her family plot. Using Google Maps, Minnie and Charles are buried in Old Mississippi City Cemetery (pushpin A on the map) and Cora in Coalville Cemetery (pushpin B on the map), almost eight miles away. Two Cems It’s a bit out of my usual order, but I thought some background information was needed. Both of my grandparents were married twice. Charles married Minnie and had at least two children – Owen D. Kring and Vera Ione Kring. Cora married Will Jordan and had one child, Helen Grace Jordan. After Minnie’s death and Cora’s divorce from Will, Charles and Cora married. They had Cyril D. Kring, Eleanor Evelyn Kring, and my Mom. Mom told me her parents were each married twice, but left out a lot. She also mentioned that some of her siblings were half-siblings, but she never mentioned which children were from each marriage. It took many years before I figured out how the puzzle fit together. Minnie was born on 18 February 1878 in Neosho County, Kansas. Her parents were James B. Smart and Nancy Parilla (Prilla) Washburn Smart. They are buried near Owen. In the 1880 federal census, the family lived in Grant Township, Neosho County and included her parents, sister Leota B., brother Ulesus, and Nancy’s brother, Arthur Washburn. On the census, James is reported as being born in Tennessee and Nancy in Iowa. In her youth, Minnie went by Minna and is recorded as Minna in some places and Millie or Minnie in other places. Screenshot from MyHeritage showing the family in the 1880 federal census Smart 1880 Fed Cen KS UplI found the family in 1885 Kansas state census record on Ancestry.com today. It’s hard to read and I only found it after looking for Leota. They are still living in Grant, Neosho County, Kansas.

Smart 1885 KS Cen UplThe loss of the 1890 federal census prevents knowing where the family lived in 1890. In the 1895 Kansas state census on Ancestry.com, the family is living in Lincoln, Crawford County, Kansas. Household members include her parents, Leota, Minnie, Lilbern Smart (age 15), Eliza Smart (age 13), Henry Smart (age 10), A. G. Smart (age 6), Maggie Smart (age 4), and H. B. Smart (age 2).

Smart 1895 KS Cen Upl

I found the 1900 federal census on MyHeritage.com. James died in 1897 so he’s not on it. Nancy, Leota, Minnie, Mary L. (age 18), Henry (age 17), Gilbert (age 13), Maggie (age 10), and Harrison (age 7).

Smart 1900 US Cen KS Upl

Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society in Wichita has a Neosho County marriage book. In the book, it has Minnie M. Smart and Chas. D. Kring marrying on 17 October 1904. The transcriber at FamilySearch butchered the names https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/FWL8-VZ4.

The 1905 Kansas state census was a bit of a challenge because the enumerator wrote the last name as Cring, not Kring. For Minnie, Mrs. was written sloppy enough the Ancestry.com transcriber listed her as Mr. Minnie Cring with gender as female. They were living in Gas, Allen County, Kansas.

C Kring 1905 KS State Cen Upl

The migrating Kring family moved around the Allen, Bourbon, Crawford, and Neosho County, Kansas area during the 1870 – 1910 time frame. Herbert Kring, the youngest brother of Charles, moved to northeastern Oklahoma around 1906 and I believe Charles and Minnie followed. I found a land patent issued in 1907 to Charlie Kring. It’s in Beckham County, Oklahoma which is west of Oklahoma City. I don’t know if this was my grandfather or a different Kring. Uncle Herbert’s first wife, Katie, is buried in Blackwell Cemetery in Blackwell, Kay County, Oklahoma. Blackwell is south of west and near Ponca City, Oklahoma.

On the 1910 federal census on MyHertitage.com, Charles and Minnie are living in Walnut, Bourbon County, Kansas. Minnie’s information has 1 child born, but 0 living. This reference would be Owen as she was pregnant with Vera who was born after the 1910 census.

CDK MMSK 1910 Fed Cen KS Upl I didn’t find Minnie or Charles in the 1915 Kansas state census, but it doesn’t mean they had moved to Oklahoma or Mississippi. I tried several misspellings to cover my bases. A 1908 article in the Iola, Kansas newspaper mentions Herbert Kring was visiting from Wiggins, Mississippi.

In Aunt Vera’s memoirs, she said Minnie was struck with stomach cancer when Vera was six years old (most likely sometime in 1916) and died after a lingering illness. Minnie died on 15 February 1917.

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