Birthdays Week of January 29, 2014

Slightly behind on this project.

Weekly birthday list from WikiTree for week of 29 January 2014 includes Philip John Rasch, George Truman, Zirkle, Charlotte Felter, Enos Elias Heis, Living Kates, Anna Catherine Metzger Kleppinger, and Maria Rasch.

Philip John Rasch (30 January 1875 – 24 April 1960; father-in-law of nephew of husband of grand aunt). Born and died in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Buried in either Metairie Cemetery or Lake Lawn Metairie Cemetery

George Truman, Zirkle (31 January 1914 – 30 June 1987; uncle of husband of aunt). Born in Berrytown, Shawnee County, Kansas; died in Stanislaus, California. No cemetery information known at this time, but someone created a Find-A-Grave memorial for him,

Charlotte Rose (Ambler) Felter 02 February 1937 – 05 September 2002; ex mother-in-law). Born in Greenwood County, Kansas and died in Howard, Elk County, Kansas. Buried in South Lawn Cemetery in Severy, Greenwood County, Kansas,

Enos Elias Heis (05 February 1871 – 21 September 1873; first cousin, twice removed). Born in Gibson, Mercer County, Ohio and died in Mercer County, Ohio. Buried in Pisgash Cemetery, Fort Recovery, Mercer County, Ohio,

Living Simmons (05 February 1950’s; second cousin). Born in Gulfport, Harrison County, Mississippi. Showing her name as living to maintain her privacy.

Anna Catherine Metzger Kleppinger (05 February 1773 – 16 March 1857; fourth great-grandmother). Born in Pennsylvania and died in Ohio. Burial location unknown and information on her life may be inaccurate.

Maria Rasch (05 February 1862 – 27 October 1922 ; aunt of wife of nephew of husband of grand aunt). Born and died in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Possibly buried in Greenwood Cemetery in New Orleans. 

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