52 Ancestors Week 3 – The Unknown Uncle – Owen D. Kring

#52 Ancestors Week 3 – Owen D. Kring

I was unaware of Uncle Owen until I found his memorial on Find-A-Grave in early 2012. He’s buried in Harmony Cemetery near Savonburg, Kansas. He only lived three years (1905 – 1908).


At the time, I had started regular searches for the surname Kring in specific locations: Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and Kansas. The headstone reads Son of C. D. and Minnie M. Kring. Minnie was my grandfather’s first wife and several of her family members are buried in this cemetery.

I read a memoir of Aunt Vera (1910- 2000) and she did not mention Owen in it. I am not sure if she knew about him. He died two years before she was born and the family moved from the area when she was very young. Aunt Vera was the only other child from Charles and Minnie’s marriage as far as I can tell. From Aunt Vera’s memoirs, Minnie died in 1917 from stomach cancer. She is buried in Gulfport, Mississippi next to Charles.

I hope to visit Uncle Owen’s grave in the near future and will add a photo of the headstone when I do. It’s about a two and half hour drive from Wichita.

Next week ancestor will be Hosea C. Kring, brother of Charles and Owen’s uncle. He’s another missing relative I did not know and have not found.

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