DNA Update – $1K Genome Coming

Debbie of http://cruwys.blogspot.com mentioned this article about $1,000 genome sequencing http://nextgenseek.com/2014/01/illumina-s-hiseq-x-ten-and-nextseq-press-release and someone else mentioned a similar article http://nextgenseek.com/2014/01/illumina-announces-new-sequencers-hiseqx-nextseq-500-at-jpm-2014

No word on when it will become commercially available for testing or which companies will use it. Current pricing for a full genome test runs around $3,000 – $7,000+ USD and only a few companies do it. This could have a huge impact on prices of the more expensive DNA tests run by other companies. For example, FGC’s Comprehensive Y runs $1,250 USD and FTDNA’s BIG Y runs $695. I do not see it having a big impact on current autosomal tests for the companies selling kits at $99 USD. I also see it as a short-term investment. Most people can’t afford $1,000 for DNA testing and many of those who could are not going to spend that much money knowing a cheaper alternative is coming down the pike. According to this article http://www.nanalyze.com/2013/11/genapsys-to-sequence-genome-for-50-dollars, they are looking to achieve $50 consumables. Many people wrongly assume this means the company will offer $50 genome testing. The consumables are only part of the pricing equation. It could mean the company will offer full genome testing in the $100 – $250 range at some point. If they stay too much above $250, I don’t think they will get the business needed for long-term viability. I can see them starting at a higher price point to offset the investments costs.


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