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Congratulations to A Grave Interest on Its Third Anniversary

Congratulations to A Grave Interest blog on its third anniversary. If cemeteries interest you, Joy’s blog has a lot of information.    

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MyHeritage Adds Over 160 Million U.S. and U.K. Records to Super Search

MyHeritage has added more than 160 million U.S. and U.K.records. MyHeritage will host a free webinar on the new records on 12 February (Wednesday) at 2 PM U.S.Central Time. There is a link on the above link, but you … Continue reading

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52 Ancestors Week 4 – Mysterious and Unknown Great Uncle Hosea C. or James Joseph Hosea Kring

#52Ancestors Week 4 Another unknown relative in my tree. Hosea is also an uncle to Owen Kring who was last week’s ancestor, son of Simon and Allie Kring, and brother to Herbert and Charles Kring. I was unaware of Hosea’s … Continue reading

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Holocaust Remembrance Day 2014 – Lest We Forget

In memory of Holocaust Remembrance Day 2014, this post is to remember the 6 million Jews and estimated 9 – 14 million non-Jews killed during the Holocaust. I found a Virtual Jerusalem website article while writing this post. The link estimates 15 … Continue reading

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New Toy – Wordle (Word Cloud)

Thank you to Judy for introducing me to Wordle. After reading about Wordle on Judy’s blog, I decided to try it out and see what it generated based on my blog. I was familiar with one of the other word cloud … Continue reading

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Egypt Still Giving Up Secrets – Relatively Unknown Pharaoh Found

King Senebkay found 3,650 years later. Wonder how many other forgotten pharaohs remain buried, waiting for someone to find them? There’s a saying history is written by the victors. In the case of Egypt, the victors occasionally removed all … Continue reading

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Birthdays Week of 23 January 2014

I received my weekly birthday list from WikiTree today. The following people have birthdays this week: Eleanor nee Kring Johnson, Ulysses Sherman Jefferies, Paul Lang, and Emma Ladner. Eleanor Evelyn Kring Johnson (23 January 1927 – 08 June 2009; aunt). … Continue reading

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52 Ancestors Week 3 – The Unknown Uncle – Owen D. Kring

#52 Ancestors Week 3 – Owen D. Kring I was unaware of Uncle Owen until I found his memorial on Find-A-Grave in early 2012. He’s buried in Harmony Cemetery near Savonburg, Kansas. He only lived three years (1905 – 1908). … Continue reading

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FTDNA 18 Jan 2014 Update

FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) posted updates today. The updates are mostly for X-Matching. Here’s a screenshot from My Account. I didn’t see an update notice on the FTDNA forums when I checked a few minutes ago.  

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AncestryByDNA Teams Up with FindMyPast

I came across this article about AncestryByDNA teaming up with FindMyPast. This is NOT AncestryDNA, but AncestryByDNA, a different company. The Paternal test shown on their website only has 16 STRs. Their Maternal test says it tests all three HVR … Continue reading

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