Tombstone Tuesday – Find-A-Grave Updates

Update 1:

Find-A-Grave has added the new Edit feature for all users. It was beta for a while, but is available to everyone.

FG Edit

Here is the Find-A-Grave Forum link discussing Help test changes to the new edit system. You need to be a registered member of the Forums to post, but can read the posts without being a member. Forum registration is a separate registration from Find-A-Grave membership.

Additional thread on the new Edit

Updated FAQ on the Edit change:

For now, you won’t get e-mails for edits submitting using the new system, but they plan on adding e-mail notification. You will have to check your Edits tab until e-mail notification is activated although it is supposed to have a number next to it if you have pending edits. They added the ability to see the status of edit requests you have made. 

Update 2:

Find-A-Grave had a notice up about an upcoming app. It would be available for both Apple and Android products. No details on when it would be released, but you could sign up to be notified and they were looking for beta testers.

Update .3:

Find-A-Grave 2013 Necrology – this is only for those listed as Famous on Find-A-Grave, but you can sort by category. You can also choose a different year if you are looking for another year.



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