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Promethease – Alternative for DNA Customers for Health

Promethease has been around for a while. https://promethease.com/ondemand It is an oft-mentioned alternative for getting additional health information from DNA tests. It can import directly from 23andMe, you can upload your information to Promethease, or you could download the program … Continue reading

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23andMe Update

I have not talked about the 23andMe and FDA issue, but did see an update when I logged into the 23andMe website. It does allow people who purchased the test before November 22, 2013 to access their health results. Here’s … Continue reading

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Update on Breakthrough Club Funding

Dislcaimer: I have been a member of Breakthrough since 1989. I am also a former employee, and was a member of Breakthrough’s Board of Directors for six years, including four years as Board Secretary. Last month, Breakthrough www.btcwichita.com   was… View Post

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