Free Kindle eBooks

You don’t need a Kindle to take advantage of free Kindle e-books.  There are a lot of Kindle e-books available free on Amazon. However, many are only available free for a short period of time. If someone mentions a free Kindle e-book or you find an interesting one, grab it. Don’t wait. I don’t pick up every free Kindle e-book I find, but do look for those topics mentioned in this blog.

It may seem strange to bring up free Kindle e-books on a blog, but some of the free e-books include topics on genealogy, history, military history, World War II, and even a few on cemeteries.

Here is a list of the various Kindle apps you can download to install Kindle on a wide variety of devices, from smart phones, tablets to computers.

I don’t own a Kindle, but do have the app installed on several devices. I save the free e-books to the Cloud when possible to save space on my devices. Some of the free e-books require installing them to a device. If I am going to be offline for a while, I can move some of the books to a device and view them on it.

There are a number of websites dedicated to tracking which e-books are free for Kindle. I use this one a lot. Do a search on free Kindle lists and pick the one(s) that meet your needs.

This site includes free and discounted e-books.

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